08 January 2009


Yesterday was officially my first day of getting back into shape for the new year, 2009.My husband kept on complaining, round face, big tummy, your mum is getting fatter now. huhuhu. I dont mind if any other people say but not my husband, thus I determine to slim down within 1 month. to get myself to guitar shape. hihihihi. wonder whether I can do that. hope so. I admit after raya I stopped my aerobic dance because too busy with my sewing. and my appetite seems encouraging these few months.
Ever wondered what thin people do keep themselves so darn skinny? These are 10 things I must repeat must do on my way to achieving that body I've always wanted.

1) Eat breakfast everyday - I do but heavy breakfast
Every morning, I always prepared a good breakfast. Whether your hungry or not never miss breakfast. It will kick-start you mornings and get your metabolism pumping. Most importantly, breakfast gave me energy throughout the day.

2) Eat more, but less
I call this grazing. Its how animals such as impalas, gazeles and zebras eat in Africa. They eat quite frequently, but smaller portions. Try to prepare smaller portions of meals each day with about 2 hrs in between in meal. You should be eating about 5-7 times a day.

3) Don't eat late- I always do because sometimes stay late and tummy playin drums
I tend not to eat dinner past 7pm or even 8pm at the latest. The main reason why you shouldn't eat late is because your body tends to slow down after an entire and your digestive system slow down as well. This means the food you've just eaten won't be easily digested, your metabolism slows down and as result, you will gain weight.

4) Skip the soda-my favourite. hv to skip it.
S-O-D-A! that bad four letters word that means sugar. A 12-oz can of soda has about 140 calories and 39 grams of sugar. WOW! Another ingredient: high-fructose corn syrup provides no nutritional value and provides tons of calories. It's just a recipe for disaster, especially if your are trying to lose weight. Juice has as many calories, ounce for ounce, as soda. Set a limit of one 8-oz glass of fruit juice a day. Just drink WATER!

5) If you feel full STOP EATING! - myvery bad habit
Thin people stop eating when they feel full. Don't force yourself to eat when you body says "STOP". If you don't finish your plate, you can always finish it later. Thin people tend to eat smaller portions but more frequently during the day.

6) Healthy snacks - I love chocolates
Rather than having chips and cookies as your daily snack, why not replace those fat-filled snacks with fruits, veggies, nuts or even cheese as a snack replacement.

7) Watch your weight
Watch your weight everyday. Step on a scale and see if you are making progress. You should think about charting your daily weight and see if you are losing weight or gaining weight.
It will keep you on track.

8) Be on the move
Do you ever see thin people just sitting around? No! They are constantly on the move, whether its walking to their destination, limiting their time in front of the television or doing more activities. Maybe next time you go to the grocery store, rather finding the closest parking spot, park a little farther and walk that extra distance to the store.

9) Reward your self
If you truly stick to your weight plan goals, then you should reward yourself. Everyone has a sweet temptation and you should allow yourself to indulge occasionally. Maybe, set aside one day
out of the week to have desert that you crave for. You've worked so hard to avoid temptation, so you should be rewarded. So go ahead, have a slice of cheese cake or chocolate brownie.

10) Chart your progress
Keep track of your wight loss routine or your exercise regiment. This way you have a time line of
your progress and a record of your development. Tracking your weight, your daily calorie intake, or maybe just taking a photo of yourself everyday can all be ways of tracking your progress

2008 was not so great, but in 2009 I will shine! Its time to start over. Reflect on the past year whether it was good or bad. Now it's time to move forward with new goals and follow through.

I admit that I juggle too many things at once and have too many ideas and projects in my head. I have a habit of starting projects, leaving them incomplete and finding myself moving on the next great big idea.

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